Listening to the Mind Listening

Listening to the Mind Listening

Concert of Sonifications at the Sydney Opera House

Creative Producer: Stephen Barrass

A concert of ten pieces of music composed from the brain activity of a person listening to a piece of music. The Concert will be at the Sydney Opera House Studio at 7.30 pm on the evening of 8 July 2004. Tickets will be available at the door, or book through the Sydney Opera House box office
[Copy of Opera House webpage, cached 1 July 2004]

The concert will be introduced by Dr Evian Gordon, CEO of the Brain Research Company, where the brain activity data was recorded. The mystery of the identity of the listener and what they were listening to will be revealed at the finale of the concert.

The sonifications were selected by an international committee of sonification researchers, sound designers, computer music composers, visualisation experts, and neuroscientists.

For information about the aims and background of the concert please see concert_call.htm or contact: Stephen Barrass, CSIRO ICT Centre,

Concert Program

19.30-20.00 Keynote
The Ultimate Symphony:
The Human Brain
Evian Gordon
Brain Resources Company

Neural Dialogues

Guillame Potard
Greg Schiemer
University of Wollongong audio

What Are You Really Thinking ?

Gordon Monro Sydney Conservatorium of Music audio

Listening to the Mind Listening

Hans Van Raaij   audio

Untidy Mind

Tim Barrass Melbourne University audio

The Other Ear

John A. Dribus University of North Texas College of Music audio



Insights from Reviews

Stephen Barrass  

Listen (Awakening)

David Payling Staffordshire University audio

Mind Your Body

Roger Dean
Greg White
David Worrall
University of Canberra

Perceptions in C

John Sanderson
Tom Heuzenroeder
Sonic Art Studios

Polyrhythm in the Human Brain

Thomas Hermann
Gerold Baier
Markus Müller
University of Bielefeld
Universidad Autónoma de Morelos

EEG Sonification

Greg Hooper University of Queensland audio

The mystery revealed...

Dry Mud from the Fish soundtrack

David Page Nikinali Music

Ferry from Circular Quay to Manly

see travel  


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