Auditory Information and Displays for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Gayle Clarke, COMS
Private Orientation and Mobility Instructor
Vision & Mobility Consultancy, Semaphore, South Australia

Shirin Hassan, PhD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Lions Vision Center, Wilmer Eye Institute
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD,   USA

Carolyn Palmer, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Education
Director of Studies: EdD program
Coordinator of programs in vision impairment
School of Education, Flinders University, South Australia

This session will cover topics that relate to how auditory information and displays are used by visually impaired and blind people. Specifically, presentations will discuss the difficulties faced by blind and visually impaired people in crossing complex intersections as well as how auditory information within the environment can be used by blind and visually impaired people for orientation and mobility. The use of auditory displays in the education of blind and visually impaired children will also be covered. The session will close with a panel discussion on the application of sonification principles for assisting the visually impaired and blind.

Data Aesthetics

Chair: Mitchell Whitelaw
Panelists: Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Thomas Hermann, Garth Paine, Andrea Polli

Increasingly artists, as well as scientists and technologists, are making and using data sonifications. This panel will address the crossovers and overlaps between scientific and artistic sonification. What can each of these practices learn from the other? What draws artists and musicians to sonification? What is the cultural of a data aesthetics?

Approaches to Sonification for
Listening to the Mind Listening

Chair: Stephen Barrass
Panelists: Tim Barrass, Greg Hooper, Gordon Munro, Guillame Potard

The panelists have each sonified the same 36 channel EEG brain and physiology data-set for the Listening to the Mind Listening Concert. We will hear a short excerpt from each of these very different sounding sonifications. We will then hear ten minutes from each Composer describing their approach to the sonification, including the data analysis and reduction, data-to-sound mappings, and the tools they used. The panel will then be opened up for audience discussion to compare and contrast the different approaches.




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