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ICAD is a forum for presenting research on the use of sound to display data, monitor systems, and provide enhanced user interfaces for computers and virtual reality systems. It is unique in its singular focus on auditory displays and the array of perception, technology, and application areas that this encompasses.



The ICAD Board has recently elected a new ICAD President and our congratulations go to David Worrall, who will now take up the role of ICAD President.

This brings to an end my period as President, and I would just like to say what a privilege and pleasure it has been to serve ICAD in this position.

My warm, kind regards, Tony Stockman

ICAD 2016 - July 2 - July 8, 2016

Australian National University in Canberra, Australia

The 22nd International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD 2016) will be held at the
Australian National University, in Canberra, Australia.


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