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Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Auditory Display, ICAD '94. Held November 7-9, 1994, Santa Fe, New Mexio, USA. Editors Gregory Kramer (Clarity/Santa Fe Institute) and Stuart Smith (University of Massachusetts Lowell).

ICAD'94 Online Proceedings

Note: the original proceedings of ICAD 94 were only in print format, but have been scanned and presented here for easier access to the documents. References and citations should refer to the original printed proceedings. Also: The page numbers from the proceedings appear in the scanned documents, and in the scanned Table of Contents.


Introduction to the Proceedings for ICAD 94. Gregory Kramer (Clarity/Santa Fe Institute). [ PDF ]

Also: Table of Contents from Printed Proceedings. [ PDF ]


Hybrid Auditory Interfaces, The Varèse System, and Satellite-Ground Control: Using Auditory Icons and Sonification in a Complex, Supervisory Control System. Michael C. Albers (Georgia Institute of Technology). [ PDF ]

Out to Lunch: Adventures Monitoring Background Activity. Jonathan Cohen (Interval Research Corportation). [ PDF ]

Design and Evaluation of an Auditory Glance at Algebra for Blind Readers. Robert D. Stevens, Steven A. Brewster, P. C. Wright, and Alastair D. N. Edwards (University of York). [ PDF ]

Using Additive Sound Synthesis to Analyze Simplical Complexes. Ulrike Axen and Insook Choi (University of Illinois/NCSA). [ PDF ]

Auralization of Document Structure. Steven Portigal and Tom Carey (University of Guelph). [ PDF ]

Voice Annotation of Visual Representations in Computer-mediated Collaborative Learning. Christine Steeples (Lancaster University). [ PDF ]

Sound Synthesis and Design

Defining and Redefining the Limits on Human Performance in Auditory Spatial Displays. Barbara Shinn-Cunningham and Nathaniel Durlach (MIT). [ PDF ]

Sound Synthesis and Composition Applied to Observing Chaotic systems. Insook Choi (NCSA). [ PDF ]

Designing with Auditory Icons. Elizabeth D. Mynatt (Georgia Institute of Technology). [ PDF ]

An Evaluation of the Communicative Ability of Auditory Icons and Earcons. Paul A. Lucas (University of Huddersfield). [ PDF ]


A Perceptual Framework for the Auditory Display of Scientific Data. Stephen Barrass (CSIRO Australia). [ PDF ]

Effect of Event Variations and Sound Duration on Identification of Everyday Sounds. James A. Ballas (Naval Research Laboratory). [ PDF ]

Perception of Virtual Auditory Shapes. Ari J. Hollander (University of Washington). [ PDF ]

Efficient Listening with Two Ears: Dichotic Time Compression and Spatialization. Barry Arons (MIT). [ PDF ]

Sound Localization in Varying Virtual Acoustic Environments. Pavel Zahorik, Doris Kistler, Frederic Wightman (University of Wisconsin). [ PDF ]

On the Role of Head-related Transfer Function Spectral Notches in the Judgement of Sound Source Elevation. Ewan A. Macpherson (University of Wisconsin). [ PDF ]

Efficient Modeling of the Head-related Transfer Functions. Charles Lueck (Iowa State University). [ PDF ]


An Organization For High-Level Interactive Control of Sound. Summit Das, Tom DeFanti, and Dan Sandin (University of Illinois at Chicago). [ PDF ]

A System for Psychometric Testing of Auditory Representations of Scientific Data. Stuart Smith, Haim Levkowitz, Ronald M. Pickett, and Mark Torpey (University of Massachusetts Lowell). [ PDF ]

A Centralized Audio Presentation Manager. Albert L. Papp III and Meera Blattner (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). [ PDF ]

The Run-Time Components of Sonnet. David H. Jameson (IBM). [ PDF ]

ADSL: An Auditory Domain Specification Language for Program Auralization. Dale S. Bock (Syracuse University). [ PDF ]

LSL: A Specification Language for Program Auralization. Aditya Mathur, David Boardman, and Vivek Khandelwal (Purdue University). [ PDF ]


Measuring HRTFs in a Reflective Environment. Jonathan S. Abel and Scott Foster (Crystal River Engineering). [ PDF ]

Using Audio Windows to Analyze Music. Michael Cohen (University of Aizu). [ PDF ]

MagicMikes--Multiple Aerial Probes for Sonification of Spatial Datasets. Matti Gröhn and Tapio Takala. [ PDF ]

Task-Oriented Quantitative Testing for Synthesized 3-D Auditory Displays. Louise Frantzen Julig and Jerry L. Kaiwi. [ PDF ]

Integrating Speech and Non-Speech Sounds in Interfaces for Blind Users. Ian Pitt. [ PDF ]

GUI Admission for VIPs: A Sound Initiative. L. H. D. Poll and J. H. Eggen. [ PDF ]

Using Virtual Environment Technology to Present a Digital Sound Library. John F. Whitehead (University of Washington). [ PDF ]

The Importance of Head Movements for Localizing Virtual Auditory Display Objects. Frederic L. Wightman and Doris J. Kistler. [ PDF ]

Dynamical Resonances and Synchronization of Auditory Stimuli and Evoked Responses in Multi-Channel EEG. Gottfried Mayer-Kress. [ PDF ]

Auditory Direct Manipulation in Acoustical Objects by Blind Computer Users. Ludger Boelke and Peter Gorny. [ PDF ]

The 'GUIB' Spatial Auditory Display--Generation of an Audio-based Interface for Blind Computer Users. Kai Crispien and Helen Petrie. [ PDF ]

Additional Paper

Factors in the Design of Effective Auditory Displays. Charles S. Watson and Gary R. Kidd (Indiana University). [ PDF ]