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Proceedings of the 8th International

Conference on Auditory Display

July 2nd ~ 5th, 2002

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR)Kyoto, Japan




Table of Contents

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An Overview on Auditory Dimensions That Can Be Used to Represent Information

Simon Carlile

A Survey of Emerging and Exotic Auditory Interfaces

Michael Cohen

(Caution: This pdf file includes some Japanese characters)

Oral Session #1: Sonification and Installation

Auditory Seismology – On Free Oscillations, Focal Mechanisms, Explosions and Synthetic Seismograms

Florian Dombois

Surf Music: Sonification of Ocean Buoy Spectral Data

Bob L. Sturm

Sonifications for EEG Data Analysis

Thomas Hermann, P. Meinicke , H. Bekel , H. Ritter, H. Müller, and    S. Weiss

Poster Session #1: Sonification Continued

ACHORRIPSIS: A Sonification of Probability Distributions

Edward Childs

LIQUIPRISM : Generating Polyrhythms with Cellular Automata

Alan Dorin

Simultaneity and Polyphony in Speech Based Audio Art

Eric Somers

Interactive Multi-Media Performance with Bio-Sensing and Bio-Feedback

Yoichi Nagashima

MUSART: Musical Audio Transfer Function Real-Time Tool Kit

Abigail Joseph, and Suresh K. Lodha

Educational Sonification Exercises: Pathways for Mathematics and Musical Achievement

Rob Upson

Crystallization Sonification of High-Dimensional Datasets

Thomas Hermann, and Helge Ritter

Real-Time Control of Sonification Models with A Haptic Interface

Thomas Hermann, Jan Krause, and Helge Ritter

Listening to Environmental Scenes in Real Time

Marie Rivenez, Carolyn Drake, Anne Guillaume, and Sebastien Detry

A Whisper in The Woods - An Ambient Soundscape for Peripheral Awareness of Remote Processes

Fredrik Kilander, and Peter Lönnqvist

Auditory Display of Directions and States for Mobile Systems

Gunnar Johannsen

Experimental Comparison of Complex and Simple Sounds in Menu and Hierarchy Sonification

Juha Marila

Sound Navigation : Sonified Hyperlinks

Patrick Susini, Sandrine Vieillard, Emmanuel Deruty, Bennett Smith, and Cecile Marin

Enhancing Sonic Browsing Using Audio Information Retrieval

Eoin Brazil, Mikael Fernstrom, George Tzanetakis, and Perry Cook

Auditory Navigation Cues for A Small 2-D Grid: A Case Study of The Memory Game

Jarmo Hiipakka, Gaëtan Lorho, and Jukka Holm

Effects of Auditory Feedback on Multitap Text Input Using Standard Telephone Keypad

Sami Ronkainen, and Juha Marila

The Impact of The Sonification of A Vocal Server on Its Usability and Its User-Friendliness

Valerie Maffiolo, Noël Chateau, and Marc Mersiol

Review of Aspects of Auditory Signal Studies in Japan

Yoshio Tsuchida

Example Design Process for Audio Signals in A Digital Camera

Koozoo Maeda, Kenjiro Matsuo, Shinji Matsumoto, and Yutaka Saito

Sound Design for Digital Camera

Toshihiro Sugikubo

Oral Session #2: Sonification Tools

SONART: The Sonification Application Research Toolbox

Oded Ben-Tal, Jonathan Berger, Bryan Cook, Michelle Daniels, Gary Scavone, and Perry Cook

Y-Windows:Proposal for A Standard AUI Environment

Martin Kaltenbrunner

Development of MIDI Encoder Tool ┼gAuto-F┼h for General Time-Based Electric Signals

Toshio Modegi

[Sample MIDI data] [Sample wav data]

Oral Session #3: Auditory Display

Customizable Auditory Displays

Dmitry N. Zotkin, Ramani Duraiswami, and Larry S. Davis

Using An Auditory Display to Manage Attention in A Dual Task, Multiscreen Environment

Derek Brock, Janet L. Stroup, and James A. Ballas

Dolphin: The Design and Initial Evaluation of Multimodal Focus and Context

David K McGookin, and Stephen A Brewster

Multimodal Bivariate Thematic Maps with Auditory and Haptic Display

Wooseob Jeong, and Myke Gluck

Special Session #1: New Attempts for 3D Auditory Displays

3-D Sound Image Localization by Interaural Differences and The Median Plane HRTF

Masayuki Morimoto, Kazuhiro Iida, and Motokuni Itoh

Rapid Psychophysical Calibration Using Bisection Scaling for Individualized Control of Source Elevation in Auditory Display

William Martens

Real Time Calculation of The Head Related Transfer Function Based on The Boundary Element Method

Shiro Ise, and Makoto Otani

ADVISE: A New Method for High Definition Virtual Acoustic Display

Shouichi Takane, Yoiti Suzuki, Tohru Miyajima, and Toshio Sone

Auralization Applying The Parametric Room Acoustic Modeling Technique - The DIVA Auralization System

Lauri Savioja, Jyri Huopaniemi, and Tapio Lokki

Poster Session #2: 3D Technology and Perception

A Preliminary Development of High Definition Virtual Acoustic Display Based on Advise

Yoiti Suzuki, Shouichi Takane, Shusuke Takahashi, Tohru Miyajima, and Toshio Sone

Evaluation of A Multimodal Sonification and Visualization of Depth of Market Stock Data

Keith V. Nesbitt, and Stephen Barrass

Efficient and Effective Use of Low-Cost 3D Audio Systems

Kenneth Wang, Venkataraman Sundareswaran, Clement Tam, Philbert Bangayan, and Pavel Zahorik

Talker Tracking Display on Autonomous Mobile Robot with A Moving Microphone Array

Takanobu Nishiura, Masaya Nakamura, Akinobu Lee, Hiroshi Saruwatari, and Kiyohiro Shikano

Auditory Display for Deep Brain Activation: Hypersonic Effect

Reiko Yagi, Emi Nishina, Norie Kawai, Manabu Honda, Tadao Maekawa, Satoshi Nakamura, Masako Morimoto, Keisho Sanada, Masami Toyohashi, and Tsutomu Oohashi

A Formulation of Holophonic Display

Conor O┼fSullivan, and Mikael Fernström

Binaural Factors in Auditory Continuity

Chris J. Darwin, M. A. Akeroyd, and R. W. Hukin

On The Role of Information and Uncertainty in Auditory Thresholds

Willy Wong, and Suraya Figueiredo

Modeling The Emotional Quality of Speech in A Telecommunication Context

Noel Chateau, Valérie Maffiolo, Thibaut Ehrette, and Christophe d┼fAlessandro

Extraction of F0 Dynamic Characteristics and Development of F0 Control Model in Singing Voice

Takeshi Saitou, Masashi Unoki, and Masato Akagi

Scalable Metadata for Search, Sonification and Display

Alain de Cheveign┼L

An Investigation on The Transition from Early Reflections to A Reverberation Tail in A BRIR

Dorte Hammershøi, and Kittiphong Meesawat

Soundfields and Soundscapes: Reifying Auditory Communities

Iain McGregor, Alison Crerar, David Benyon, and Catriona Macaulay

Special Session #2: Subjective Evaluation of Spatial Sound Reproduction

The Relation between Spatial Impression and The Precedence Effect

Masayuki Morimoto

Subjective Evaluation of Auditory Spatial Imagery Associated with Decorrelated Subwoofer Signals

William Martens

The Effect of Early Reflections on Perceived Timbre – Analyzed with An Auditory Model

Tapio Lokki

Auditory Display of Sound Source Distance

Pavel Zahorik

Measurement of Horopter and Alleys in Auditory Space

Michiko Ohkura

Oral Session #4: Perception

Measurements of Perceptual Quality of Contact Sound Models

Kees van den Doel

Pitch Change, Sonification, and Musical Expertise: Which Way Is Up?

John G. Neuhoff, Rebecca Knight, and Joseph Wayand

Perception of Urgency and Alarm Design

Anne Guillaume, C. Drake, M. Rivenez, L. Pellieux, and V. Chastres

Tick-Marks, Axes, And Labels: The Effects of Adding Context to Auditory Graphs

Dan Smith, and Bruce Walker

The Sonic Mapper: An Interactive Program for Obtaining Similairty Ratings with Auditory Stimuli

Gary P. Scavone, Stephen Lakatos, and Colin R. Harbke

Special Session #3: Virtual Acoustic Rendering Technology

Performance Measures of The Spatial Fidelity of Virtual Auditory Space: Effects of Filter Compression and Spatial Sampling

Simon Carlile, Craig Jin, and Johahn Leung

3-D Sound Reproduction through Stereo Inner-Phones

Kazuhiro Iida, Motokuni Itoh, and Masayuki Morimoto

A Perception Based Approach for Acoustic Events Modeling in Interactive Sound Field Network

Manabu Fukushima, and Hirofumi Yanagawa

Localization of A Moving Virtual Sound Source in A Virtual Room, The Effect of A Distracting Auditory Stimulous

Matti Grohn

Recent Developments in SLAB: A Software-Based System for Interactive Spatial Sound Synthesis

Joel D. Miller, and Elizabeth M. Wenzel

Special Session #4: Optimal Encoding of Information for a Human Listener

Sinusoidal and Envelope Modulation Modeling of Signals – A Signal Theoretic Approach to Acoustic Events Rendering –

Mikio Tohyama

Speech Intelligibility, Spatial Unmasking, and Realism in Reverberant Spatial Auditory Displays

Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

Design Considerations for Improving The Effectiveness of Multitalker Speech Displays

Douglas S. Brungart, Mark A. Ericson, and Brian D. Simpson

Auditory Distance Perception of Speech in The Presence of Noise

Densil Cabrera, and David Gilfillan

Auditory Attention Based on Differences in Median Vertical Plane Position

J.W. Worley, and Chris.J.Darwin

Open-MIC Session

LIQUIPRISM : Generating Polyrhythms with Cellular Automata

Alan Dorin

SURF MUSIC: Sonification of Ocean Buoy Spectral Data

Bob L. Sturm

Acoustic Acclimation

Lulu Ong, and Damien Lock

Art Gallery

Other Papers

(These papers are not included in the printed proc. ICAD2002)

Perceptual Resonators for Interactive Worlds

Dylan Menzies

Scene Management for Modelled Audio Objects in Interactive Worlds

Dylan Menzies

W-Panning and O-Format, Tools for Object Spatialization

Dylan Menzies