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Australian National University, Canberra 3-7 July 2016

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  Conference closed. Download Proceedings. Visit the ICAD 2017 site: icad.org/icad2017.    





Following last night's performance, please complete the LalLo March survey

ICAD2016 in the News in the Canberra Times today!



  • Please note: The Data Scarf Workshop has changed from the morning to 1-3pm
  • You are welcome to join any of the workshops, even if you did not tick the box on the registration.
  • For the participants of Wednesday's D4 3D data sonification and spatialization workshop, the workshop will take place in LT1 starting at 9am. For those interested in obtaining the D4 software, please use the following link: http://ico.bukvic.net/main/d4/. The workshop is open to all and the software is not required to participate.
  • Viveka Turnbull Hocking's presentation notes for her keynote are available for those wanting the references etc. Than-you Viveka!


  • Gender Diversity Discussion Group (Item54, Lunchtime,Thursday).
      * All genders welcome. * Lunch pre-order possible. * Please see Hiroko to sign up. * Please arrive promptly!
  • Concert Soundcheck schedule:
    1:00 pm   Set up PA
    2:00 pm   General line test and lighting check
    2:15 pm   Lux Mix
    2:30 pm   Atom Tone
    3:00 pm   Transposed Dekany
    3:30 pm   Mallo March
    4:00 pm   PhaseRings and Capillary Action
    4:30 pm   Hearing a Gene of Hearing and Biologging Retrofit
    5:00 pm   Stage Clear
    5:30 pm   Concert Begins


  • ICAD2016 Twitter hashtag: #icad2016
  • Publication Requirement: Please note that to be included in the Proceedings, papers, posters etc must conform to the paper template.
    Papers without a PDF link require attention.


v0.13 SUNDAY 3 July 2016    
  0.1 9-12 LT2 STUDENT THINK TANK Chair:Hiroko Teresawa Presentations and Discussions by Research Students with a faculty panel of international researchers. See the ThinkTank page.
  0.2 12:30 Lakeside LUNCH BBQ area across the footbridge from New Acton, next to the paddle boats. gmap
  0.3 13:30/14:00-17:00 LT2 THINK TANK (continued)    


  MONDAY 4 July 2016  
  2 9.00 LT3 WELCOME ICAD 2016 Co-Chairs : David Worrall and Stephen Barrass PDF
  3 9.30 LT3 ORAL PAPERS 1
Sonic Information Design
Daniel Verona and Camille Peres Exploring a Task-Analysis-Based Approach to Sonification Design PDF38
  4 10.00     Takuya Yamauchi Designing Sound Representations for Responsive Environments PDF2
  5 10.30     William Martens, Philip Poronnik and Darren Saunders Hypothesis-Driven Sonification of Proteomic Data Distributions Indicating Neurodegredation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis PDF24
  6 11.00 Café COFFEE
  7 11.30 LT3 KEYNOTE ADDRESS 1 Viveka Turnbull Hocking A Design-Led Approach: Opening up a Cross-Disciplinary Discourse into Design Research PDF
  8 12.30 YouChoose LUNCH
  9 14.00 LT3 ORAL PAPERS 2
Aesthetics, Philosophy, and Culture of Auditory Displays
Teresa Connors The Aesthetics of Causality: A Descriptive Account into Ecological Performativity: A Creative Research Practice PDF17
  10 14.30     Marc St. Pierre and Milena Droumeva Sonifying for Public Engagement: A Context-Based Model for Sonifying Air Pollution Data PDF33
  11 15.00     Jim Murphy, Dugal McKinnon and Mo Zareei. Lost Oscillations: Exploring a City's Space and Time with an Interactive Auditory Art Installation PDF19
  12 15.30 Café COFFEE
  13 16.00 LT3 ORAL PAPERS 3
Sonic Information Design (cont'd)
Michael Quinton, Iain McGregor and David Benyon Sonifying the Solar System PDF3
  14 16.30     Ivica Bukvic 3D Time-Based Aural Data Representation Using D4 Library's Layer Based Amplitude Panning Algorithm PDF10
  15 17:00 LT3   Keith Nesbitt, Paul Williams, Patrick Ng, Karen Blackmore and Ami Eidels Designing Informative Sound to Enhance a Simple Decision Task PDF4
  16 17.30 Wig & Pen Pub (School of Music) RECEPTION - Free to conference attendees!


  TUESDAY 5 July 2016  
  17 9.00 LT3 ORAL PAPERS 4
Body and Mind
Steven Landry, Yuanjing Sun, Darnishia Slade and Myounghoon Jeon Tempo-Fit Heart Rate App: Using Heart Rate Sonification as Exercise Performance Feedback PDF18
  18 9.30     Letizia Gionfrida, Agnieszka Roginska and Kent Friedman The Triple Tone Sonification Method to Enhance the Diagnosis of Alzheimers and Dementia PDF23
  19 10.00     Ruimin Zhang, Jaclyn Barnes, Joseph Ryan, Myounghoon Jeon, Chung Hyuk Park and Ayanna Howard Musical Robots for Children with ASD Using a Client-Server Architecture PDF7
  20 10.30     Ridwan Ahmed Khan, Ram Avvari, Katherine Wykovics, Pooja Ranay and Myounghoon Jeon Lifemusic: Reflection of Life Memories by Data Sonification PDF8
  21 11.00 Café COFFEE
  22 11.30 LT3 KEYNOTE ADDRESS 2 George Khut Biofeedback and Beyond  
  23 12.30 YouChoose LUNCH
  24 13.30 Foyer POSTERS      
          Mark Ballora Music of Migration and Phenology: Listening to Counterpoints of Musk Ox and Caribou Migrations, and Cycles Of Plant Growth PDF16
          Amit Barde, William Helton, Gun Lee and Mark Billinghurst Binaural Spatialisation Over a Bone Conduction Headset: Elevation Perception PDF13
          Allan Coop Sonification, Musification and Synthesis of Absolute Program Music PDF30
          Andrea Genovese, Jordan Juras, Christopher Miller and Agnieszka Roginska Investigation of ITD Symmetry in Measured HRIRs PDF12
          Daeyoung Jang, Jae-Hyoun Yoo and Taejin Lee Implementation and Evaluation of 10.2 channel Microphone for UHDTV Audio PDF11
          Steven Landry, David Tascarella, Myounghoon Jeon and Maryam Fakhrhosseini Listen to Your Drive: Sonification Architecture and Strategies for Driver State and Performance PDF9
          Fiore Martin, Oussama Metatla, Tony Stockman and Nick Bryan-Kinns Accessible Spectrum Analyser PDF41
          Ryan McGee and David Rogers Musification of Seismic Data PDF21
          Katieanna Wolf and Reid Oda MalLo March: A Live Sonified Performance with User Interaction PDF26
  25 15.00 Café COFFEE
  26 15.30 LT3 INDUSTRY REPORT Simon Carlile The What and Why of Hearables  
  27 16.00 LT3 ORAL PAPERS 5
Mobiles and Wearables
Jason Sterkenburg, Steven Landry, Myounghoon Jeon and Joshua Johnson Towards An In-Vehicle Sonically-Enhanced Gesture Control Interface: A Pilot Study PDF15
  28 16.30     John Dyer, Paul Stapleton and Matthew Rodger Sonification of Movement for Motor Skill Learning in a Novel Bimanual Task: Aesthetics and Retention Strategies PDF27
  29 17.00     Greg Schiemer Satellite Gamelan: microtonal sonification using a large consort of mobile phones PDF51
  30 18.00+   JAM SESSION at Smiths Alternative Bookshop (gmap directions)


  WEDNESDAY 6 July 2016
        WORKSHOPS 1 (&/or tourism)
  31 9.00 LT1 Layer-Based Amplitude Panning Ivica Ico Bukvic
  32 9.00 LT3 The what and why of hearables Simon Carlile
  33 9.00 LT2 Data Scarf Angelina Russo
  34 9.00 Computer Lab Sonification with Python and Csound David Worrall
  35 11.00 Café COFFEE
  36 11.30   WORKSHOPS 1 (cont'd)
  37 12.30 YouChoose LUNCH
  38 13.30 Board Room L6 ICAD BOARD MEETING
        WORKSHOPS 2 (afternoon)(&/or tourism)
  39 13.30 LT1 Using the microtonal Satellite Gamelan App Greg Schiemer
  40 13.30 LT2 Biology Retrofit Rehearsal for Performance Nigel Helyer
  41 13.30 Nat. Portrait Gallery Neurofeedback & Contemplative Interaction George Poonkhin Khut
  42 13.30 Computer Lab Hack Your ICAD Name Badge Tim Barrass
  43 15.00 Café COFFEE
  44 15.30 Board Room L6 ICAD BOARD MEETING (cont'd)
  45 15.30 various CONCERT PREPARATION
  46 17.30 Llewellyn Hall Stage CONCERT - Free to conference attendees! (programme below)
  47 19.30 A.Baker BANQUET Free to conference attendees! See Banquet for map and directions.
  CONCERT: LEWELLYN HALL STAGE, Wednesday 6 July at 17:30
  46 Featuring the ANU Experimental Music Studio (ANU EMS): Ellen Falconer, Millie Watson, Ben Harb, Benjamin Drury, Charles Martin
  46.1 Transposed Dekany Greg Schiemer ICAD participants and the ANU EMS A microtonal performance using the Satellite Gamelan app. PDF 5
  46.2 BioLogging Retrofit Nigel Helyer ANU EMS A mechanical/performative sonification of environmental knowledge from Antarctic bio-logging data. PDF 20
  46.3 MalLo March Katie Wolf and Reid Oda Katie Wolf, Steven Landry and Daniel Verona An audience-customised performance with MalLo, a predictive percussion instrument. PDF 26
  46.4 Hearing A Gene of Hearing Stephen Barrass ANU EMS Percussion Performance of a Gene of Hearing for 4 species on 4 Ubang clay drums. PDF 56
  46.5 PhaseRings for 6 iPads and Ensemble Director Agent Charles Martin ANU EMS An improvised iPad performance where performers are tracked and guided by an Ensemble Director Agent. PDF 99
  46.6 Atom Tone Jirí Suchánek Jirí Suchánek A live sonification and aesthetic exploration of atomic spectra. PDF 49


  THURSDAY 7 July 2016  
  48 9.00 LT3 ORAL PAPERS 6
Tasks and Attention
Anna Bramwell-Dicks, Helen Petrie and Alistair Edwards Can Listening to Music Make You Type Better? The Effect Of Music Style, Vocals And Volume On Typing Performance PDF29
  49 9.30     Toby Gifford Tuning into the Task: Sonic Environmental Cues and Mental Task Switching PDF39
  50 10.00     Clayton Rothwell, Griffin Romigh and Brian Simpson Virtual-Audio Aided Visual Search on a Desktop Display PDF34
  51 10.30     Derek Brock, Christina Wasylyshyn, and Brian McClimens Word Spotting in a Multichannel Virtual Auditory Display at Normal and Accelerated Rates of Speech PDF31
  52 11.00 Café COFFEE
  53 11.30 LT3 KEYNOTE ADDRESS 3 Adrian KC Lee Auditory Scene Analysis, Object Formation and Selection and their Implications with respect to Stream-Based Sonification  
  54 12.30 YouChoose LUNCH - Gender Diversity Discussion Group (Kingsland Room, School of music, Level 6)
  55 13.30 LT3 ORAL PAPERS 7
3D Audio and Spatial Sound
Amit Barde, Matt Ward, William Helton, Mark Billinghurst and Gun Lee A Bone Conduction Based Spatial Auditory Display As Part of a Wearable Hybrid Interface PDF14
  56 14.00     Nandini Iyer, Eric Thompson and Brian Simpson Response Techniques And Auditory Localization Accuracy PDF32
  57 14.30     Griffin Romigh, Brian Simpson and Nandini Iyer In Ear to Out There: A Magnitude Based Parameterization Scheme for Sound Source Externalization PDF35
  58 15.00     Ziqi Fan, Yunhao Wan and Kyla Mcmullen Quantitatively Validating Subjectively Selected HRTFs for Elevation and Front-Back Distinction PDF28
  59 15.30 Café COFFEE
  60 16.00 LT3 REPORTS & OPEN MIKE


  FRIDAY 8 July 2016
  62 Perisher Valley, NSW map   Ski through the Gum Trees, tour led by Stephen Barrass
To Join, book the Perisher Day Trip Snow Package on the Murrays Bus Website.
This which includes transport and gear hire for $198.
The one day ski lift ticket is an additional $133.