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Biological Communication Sounds

Vocal Pedagogy and Pedagogical Voices (invited talk)

G. Wakefield

Information in animal sounds: An evolutionary perspective (invited talk)

T. Fitch

Discriminating visible speech tokens using multi-modality

C.S. Campbell, S.K. Lodha, M.M. Shafae, and D.W. Massaro


Spatial Auditory Perception

Two-point discrimination in auditory displays

V. Best, A. van Schaik, and S. Carlile

Identifying where you are in a room: Sensitivity to room acoustics

B. Shinn-Cunningham and S. Ram

A study on sound source apparent shape and wideness

G. Potard, and I. Burnett, I

Parameters for auditory display of height and size

D. Cabrera and S. Tilley


Sound Design and Earcons

Reality (sound)bites: Audio tricks from the film and TV studio

J. Rose

Combining speech and earcons to assist menu navigation

M.L.M. Vargas and S. Anderson

An investigation into the identification of concurrently presented earcons - Sound Samples (Additional Material)

D.K. McGookin and S.A. Brewster

Perceptively based design of new car horn sounds

G. Lemaitre, P. Susini, S. Winsberg, and S. McAdams


Perception in Auditory Display

Increasing effectiveness of train horns without increasing intensity

F.A. Russo, M.E. Lantz, G. English, and L.L. Cuddy

Auditory displays on the depth of hypertext

J.H. Lee, M.H. Jeon, and M.S. Kim

Do location and content operate independently?

P.M.C. Lemmens, A. de Haan, and G.P. van Galen

Focalisation on the temporal context of complex sequences

A. Guillaume and C. Drake

Where's that sound? Exploring arbitrary user classifications of sounds for audio management

E. Brazil and M.Fernstr–m


Perception in Spatial Auditory Displays

Augmented intelligibility in simultaneous multi-talker environments

N. Mesgarani, K. Grant, S. Shamma, and R. Duraiswami

Perceptual consequences of including reverberation in spatial auditory displays

S. Devore and B. Shinn-Cunningham

A physics-based approach to the presentation of acoustic depth

F. Fontana and D. Rocchesso

A spatial auditory display for the prevention of pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions

J.G. Neuhoff and J. Preston

A three-dimensional virtual simulator for aircraft flyover presentation

S.A. Rizzi, B.M. Sullivan, and C.A. Sandridge

An investigation into a background auditory display to aid pilot situation awareness

M.L.N. Kazem, J.M. Noyes, and N.J. Lieven


Spatial Auditory Display Technology

Extending SMIL with 3D audio

K. Pihkala and T. Lokki

An independent declarative 3D audio format on the basis of XML

H. Hoffmann, R. Dachselt, and K. Meissner

The spatial sound lab at Fraunhofer IMK.VE

J. Goþmann and F. Dombois

A 3D real time rendering engine for binaural sound reproduction

M. Noisternig, T. Musil, A. Sontacchi, and R. H–ldrich

Latency measurement of a real-time virtual acoustic rendering system

J.D. Miller, M.R. Anderson, E.M. Wenzel, and B.U. McClain

Extracting significant features from the HRTF

V.C. Raykar, R. Duraiswami, L. Davis, and B. Yegnanarayana

Measurement of head-related transfer functions based on the empirical transfer function estimate

E. Grassi, J. Tulsi, and S. Shamma


Display Systems and Technology

D'groove: A haptic turntable for digital audio control

T. Beamish, K. van den Doel, K. MacLean, and S. Fels

The IEM-Cube: A periphonic re-/production-system

J.M. Zm–lnig, W. Ritsch, and A. Sontacchi

Instrument timbre models with noisy partial inclusion

C. O'Sullivan and M. Fernstr–m

Narrowcasting operations for mobile phone CVE chatspace avatars

M. Cohen and M. Kawaguchi


Auditory Display Examples

Auditory icon support for navigation in speech-only interfaces for room-based design metaphors

D. Skantze and N. Dahlb”ck

The use of walking sounds in supporting awareness

K. M”kel”, J. Hakulinen, M. Turunen

Evaluating soundscapes as a means of creating a sense of place

P. Turner, I. McGregor, S. Turner, and F. Carrol


Sonification Approaches

Drawing by ear: Interpreting sonified line graphs

L.M. Brown and S.A. Brewster.

Sonification of statistical data

S.C. Peres and D.M. Lane

Sonification sandbox: A graphical toolkit for auditory graphs

B.N. Walker and J.T. Cothran


Algorithmic Composition

Ocean buoy spectral data sonification: Research update

B.L. Sturm

For those who died

M. Quinn, W. Quinn, and B. Hatcher


Designing Effect Displays

Sonification from a design perspective (invited talk)

S. Barrass

Design process for auditory interfaces

S. DaudÈ and L. Nigay

Audiocentric interface design: A building blocks approach

C. Thornton, A. Kolb, F. Gemperle, and T. Hirsch

Acqua alta a Venezia: Design of an urban scale auditory warning system

F. Avanzini, D. Rocchesso, A. Dal Pal˜, A. Belussi, and A. Dovier


Spatial Auditory Displays

Optimizing the spatial configuration of a seven-talker speech display

D.S. Brungart and B.D. Simpson

Using multi-channel spatialization in sonification: A case study with meteorological data

E. Childs and V. Pulkki

Spatially-modulated auditory alerts

D.R. Begault, M.R. Anderson, and B.U. McClain

Comparison of auditory, visual, and audio-visual navigation in a 3D space

M. Gr–hn, T. Lokki, and T. Takala

Effect of beacon sounds on navigation performance in a virtual reality environment

B.N. Walker and J. Lindsay



Broadcasting auditory weather reports: A pilot project

T. Hermann, J.M. Drees, and H. Ritter

Educational testing of auditory display regarding seasonal variation of polar ice caps on Mars

J. Keller, E.E. Prather, W.V. Boynton, H.L. Enos, L.V. Jones, S.M. Pompea, T.F. Slater, and M. Quinn


Auditory Display Examples

Audio games: Fun for all? All for fun?

S. Targett and M. Fernstr–m

"LISTENIN" to domestic environments from remote locations

C. Schmandt and G. Vallejo

Household appliances control device for the elderly

F.J. Sainz Salces, D. England, and P. Vickers


Auditory Display Dimensions

Sound-discrimination learning and auditory displays (invited talk)

B.A. Wright and M.B. Fitzgerald

Dynamic auditory cues for event importance level

J. H”kkil” and S. Ronkainen

A new experimental technique for gathering similarity ratings for sounds

E. Brazil, L. Ottaviani, and M. Fernstr–m

Sonification of absolute values with single and multiple dimensions

A. Sandor and D.M. Lane


Auditory Display System Architecture

Interactive visualization and sonification for monitoring complex processes

T. Hermann, C. Niehus, and H. Ritter

NeMoS: Network monitoring with sound

D. Malandrino, D. Mea, A. Negro, G. Palmieri, and V. Scarano


Spatial Auditory Synthesis

Perceptual spatial-audio coding

C. Jin, A. van Schaik, V. Best, and S. Carlile

Subjective selection of non-individual head-related transfer functions

B.U. Seeber and H. Fastl

Individualized and generalized earphone correction filters for spatial sound reproduction

W.L. Martens

A spatial audio user interface for generating music playlists

J. Hiipakka and G. Lorho


Auditory Displays In Assistive Technologies (Papers)

Auditory assistive devices for the blind (invited talk)

R.W. Massof

Maximum listening speeds for the blind

C. Asakawa, H. Takagi, S. Ino, and T. Ifukube

3d audio interfaces for the blind

C. Frauenberger and M. Noisternig

Design guidelines for audio presentation of graphs and tables

L.M. Brown, S.A. Brewster, R. Ramloll, M. Burton, and B. Riedel

Smith-Kettlewell display kit: A sonification toolkit for Matlab (invited talk)

J.A. Miele

Perceptive study and recommendation for sonification categories

P. Susini, P. Gaudibert, E. Deruty, and L. Dandrel

Boardtalker: Initial experiences and open problems in prototyping a talking digital whiteboard to assist visually impaired students - Video Footage (Additional Material)

D. Berque

Basic and applied research relating to auditory displays for visually impaired people (invited talk)

J.M. Loomis

Soundview: Sensing color images by kinesthetic audio

K. van den Doel


Auditory Displays In Assistive Technologies (Abstracts)

A case study in the design of software that uses auditory cues to help low vision students view notes on a blackboard

D. Berque, T. Bonebright, S. Kinnett, N. Nichols, and A. Peters

Sonification of dynamic choropleth maps: Geo-referenced data exploration for the vision-impaired

H. Zhao, C. Plaisant, B. Shneiderman, D.N. Zotkin, and R. Duraiswami

Sonification of SQL constructs in multi-modal database interaction

T. Stockman

WYSIWIH- What you see is what I hear: Giving blind users access to visual collaboration

F. Winberg

A game for visually impaired children with a 3-d virtual auditory display

M. Ohuchi, Y. Iwaya, Y. Suzuki, and T. Munekata


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