James Ballas

Sonification: Sonification of Low-Dimensional and Image Data

Data Sonification from the Desktop: Should Sound Be Part of Standard Data-Analysis Software?
John H. Flowers, Dion C. Buhman, and Kimberly Turnage

Auditory Display and Sonification of Textured Images
Antonio Cesar Germano Martins, Kangaraj Mandayam Rangayyan, Luis Antonio Portela, Edson Amaro Junior, and Ruggero Andrea Ruschioni

Mapping a Single Data Stream to Multiple Auditory Variables
Greg Kramer

CAITLIN: A Musical Program Auralisation Tool to Assist Novice Programmers with Debugging
Paul Vickers and James Alty

Investigating Geometric Data with Sound
Ulrike Axen and Insook Choi