Marlene MathewBSONIQ: A 3-D EEG Sound Installation
Yuanjing Sun, Jaclyn Barnes and Myounghoon JeonMultisensory Cue Congruency in the Lane Change Test
Marcelo Ferranti and Rejane SpitzSounding objects: an overview towards sound methods and techniques to explore sound within design processes
Brian Bartling and Catherine PsarakisSimulation Products and the Multi-Sensory Interactive Periodic Table
Peter Coppin, David Steinman, Daniel MacDonald and Richard WindeyerProgress Toward Sonifying Napoleon’s March and Fluid Flow Simulations through Binaural Horizons
Paulo MarinsChallenges and Constraints of Using Audio in Online Music Education
Megen BrittellThe Use of Audio in Cartography: A Review

The poster session will be held in the lobby of the Playhouse Theatre