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Papers, posters and demos accepted

Here is the preliminary listing of accepted papers, posters and demos that will be at ICAD'98. There are also details of the report from the NSF workshop on sonification.

bullet A Status Report and Research Agenda for Sonification: A Discussion of the White Paper and its Development Process

by John H. Flowers
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska USA

Terri L. Bonebright
DePauw University
Greencastle, Indiana USA

John Neuhoff
Department of Psychology
Lafayette College
Easton, PA 18042

Bruce Walker
Rice University and IBM

In association with the 1997 ICAD conference, an interdisciplinary group of researchers gathered at the request of the National Science Foundation, to plan the writing of a document that would summarise the current status of sonification research and provide an agenda for future research. The present discussion will provide an overview of the issues contained in that document as well as the process through which it was developed. Opportunities for informal discussion of these issues among the ICAD community and representatives of the White Paper committee will be provided at this session.

The presentation and discussion of this report will take place over lunch on Monday 2nd November.

bullet Papers

  1. Paul Vickers, James L. Alty (School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences Liverpool John Moores University) Towards some Organising Principles for Musical Program Auralisations
  2. Michael J. Evans (School of Computer Science Cybernetics and Electronic Engineering University of Reading) Synthesising Moving Sounds
  3. Myra P. Bussemakers, Abraham de Haan (Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information, Catholic University of Nijmegen) Using Earcons and Icons in Categorisation Tasks to Improve Multimedia Interfaces
  4. Eric Somers (State University of New York, Dutchess Community College) A Pedagogy of Creative Thinking based on Sonification of Visual Structures and Visualization of Aural Structures
  5. Catriona Macaulay, Alison Crerar (Department of Computing Napier University) 'Observing' the Workplace Soundscape: Ethnography and Auditory Interface Design
  6. Stephen A Brewster (Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow) Sonically-Enhanced Drag and Drop
  7. Naut Humon, Bill Thibault, Vance Galloway, Garnet Willis, Jessica Grace Wing (Sound Traffic Control) Sound Traffic Control: An Interactive 3-D Audio System for Live Musical Performance
  8. T Lehmann (Heinz Nixdorf Institute) Case Study of a Software Structure for a 3D-Audio-Device
  9. Terri L. Bonebright, Nadine E. Miner, Timothy E. Goldsmith, Thomas P. Caudell (Dept of Psychology, DePauw University) Data Collection and Analysis Techniques for Evaluating the Perceptual Qualities of Auditory Stimuli
  10. Sanae Wake, Toshiyuki Asahi (NEC Human Media Research Labs.) Sound Retrieval with Intuitive Verbal Expressions
  11. Peggy Zwolinski, Jean-Claude Sagot (Institut Polytechnique de Sevenans. L'Universite de Technologie de Belfort-Montbeliard) A simulation approach to the design and evaluation of auditory interfaces in a high speed train driving cab
  12. Evangelos N. Mitsopoulos (Department of Computer Science University of York) A Principled Methodology for the Specification and Design of Non-Visual Widgets
  13. David J. Bennett (Department of Computer Science University of York) Exploration of Non-seen Diagrams
  14. Ville Pulkki, Tapio Lokki (Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing Helsinki University of Technology) Creating Auditory Displays with Multiple Loudspeakers using VBAP: A Case Study with DIVA project
  15. Norbert Braun, Ralf Dorner (Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics) Using Sonic Hyperlinks in Web-TV
  16. David Williams, Christine Cheepen (Vocalis Ltd.) 'The Sound of Silence': A Preliminary Experiment Investigating Non-Verbal Auditory Representations in Telephone-Based Automated Spoken Dialogues
  17. Mikael Fernstrom, Caolan McNamara (Interaction Design Centre, University of Limerick) After Direct Manipulation - Direct Sonification
  18. Mikael Fernstrom, Niall Griffith (Interaction Design Centre University of Limerick) LiteFoot - Auditory Display of Footwork
  19. Gerhard Eckel (GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology) A Spatial Auditory Display for the CyberStage
  20. Benjamin U. Rubin (Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University, and Electronic Arts Research Studio) Audible Information Design in the New York City Subway System: A Case Study
  21. Stephane Conversy (Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique - Universite de Paris-Sud) Ad-hoc synthesis of auditory icons
  22. Nancy L. Vause, D. Wesley Grantham (U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Human Research and Engineering Directorate) Speech Intelligibility in Adverse Conditions in Recorded Virtual Auditory Environments
  23. Millicent Cooley (Carnegie Mellon University) Sound + Image in Design
  24. Emil Jovanov, Dusan Starcevic, Kristen Wegner, Daniel Karron, Vlada Radivojevic (University of Belgrade) Acoustic Rendering as Support for Sustained Attention During Biomedical Procedures
  25. Perry R Cook, Georg Essl, Georgos Tzanetakis, Dan Trueman (Department of Comptuer Science (also Music) Princeton University) N>>2: Multi-speaker Display Systems for Virtual Reality and Spatial Audio Projection
  26. Gregory Leplatre, Stephen A Brewster (Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow) An Investigation of Using Music to Provide Navigation Cues
  27. Kristen Wegner (Computer Aided Surgery Incorporated) Surgical Navigation System and Method Using Audio Feedback
  28. Murray Crease, Stephen Brewster (Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow) Making Progress With Sounds - The Design & Evaluation Of An Audio Progress Bar
  29. Helen Petrie, Sarah Morley (Sensory Disabilities Research Unit University of Hertfordshire) The Use of Non-Speech Sounds in Non-Visual Interfaces to the MS-Windows GUI for Blind Computer Users
  30. Patrick Roth, Lori Petrucci, Thierry Pun, Andre Assimacopoulos (Department of Computer Science, University of Geneva) AB-Web : Active audio browser for visually impaired and blind users
  31. Rameshsharma Ramloll John Mariani (Co-operative Systems Engineering Group, Lancaster University) Do auditory cues matter in shared drawing environments?

bullet Posters

  1. Catherine Demarey, Patricia Plenacoste (Trigone Laboratory, USTL) The use and the meaning of everyday sounds in the design of auditory metaphors : a preliminary study
  2. John C K Hankinson (Department of Computer Science, University of York) Musical Grammars as the Basis of Non-Speech Audio Communication

bullet Demonstrations

  1. Peter Platt (BT Laboratories) Dynamic Scores in Virtual Environments
  2. Eric C. Odgaard, Dion C. Buhman, John H. Flowers, Jennifer A. Cherry, Kimberly D. Turnage (Department of Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Perceptual Equivalence and Non-equivalence of Auditory Pitch-Time Displays and Visual X-Y Representations
  3. Tapio Lokki, Ville Pulkki (Laboratory of Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Helsinki University of Technology) Demonstrating Multi-Loudspeaker Auditory Display Created with VBAP
  4. Jarrell Pair, James Oliverio (AudioLab Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center Georgia Institute of Technology) Tour in the Music, Extended Csound, COOLVR: Audio Research and Development Projects at GVU AudioLab
  5. Rameshsharma Ramloll, John Mariani (Co-operative Systems Engineering Group, Lancaster University) Demonstrating Gaze Driven Auditory Browsing