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The Fifth

International Conference on Auditory Display

University of Glasgow, UK
November 1-4, 1998

Sponsored by:

The Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow
The Glasgow Development Agency

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Continuing the work of the successful series of ICAD Conferences, ICAD'98 was held on November 1-4, 1998 at the University of Glasgow, UK. This was the the first time the ICAD conference had been held outside the USA. ICAD is the premier forum for presenting research on the use of sound to provide enhanced user interfaces, display data, monitor systems, and for computers and virtual reality systems. It is unique in its singular focus on auditory displays, and the array of perception, technology, design and application areas that these encompass.

ICAD'98 was chaired by Dr Stephen Brewster from the University of Glasgow and Dr Alistair Edwards from the University of York.

The ICAD'98 conference was a great success.We had a great set of tutorials, some really interesting papers and a fun trip to a distillery and castle. The keynote speakers (Prof Albert Bregman and Dr Bill Gaver) inspired us with new ideas and challenged us to think about our work in different ways.

The proceedings of ICAD'98 were published by the British Computer Society as part of their eWiC series. You can find them here. If you came to the conference you will have received a booklet of paper abstracts that has all the information about the eWiC site and how to access it. If you did not attend you can browse the paper abstracts on the site for free, but if you want access to the full papers and sounds you will have to buy a copy of the abstracts booklet. This costs 29 Sterling (US$50). You can do this by emailing Stephen Brewster or by contacting the BCS directly.

Once you have the proceedings booklet you can log on to the site and get the full papers and sounds that go with them.



ICAD is interested in all aspects of auditory display including (but not limited to) the following topics:

bullet Conference Programme

We are really happy to announce that the keynote speakers for ICAD will be Prof Albert Bregman from McGill University, Canada and Dr Bill Gaver from the Royal College of Art, London. The Glasgow Development Agency have kindly sponsored Prof Bregman's keynote.

We have a great programme lined up. Full details of the final programme are now available. We will also be having a presentation from Dr Stephen Arnold, the President of the International Computer Music Association. Over Monday lunch we will have a report on the NSF white paper on sonification entitled "A Status Report and Research Agenda for Sonification: A Discussion of the White Paper and its Development Process" by John Flowers, Terri Bonebright and John Neuhoff.

Perceptual organization and auditory displays by Albert Bregman

Laboratory research over the last quarter century has revealed many organizational principles used by the auditory system in its perception of distinct sounds in complex acoustic environments. The purpose of these principles is to separate the components of sounds coming from different environmental sources and integrate those coming from the same source. These same principles are applicable to artificial environments, such as the auditory display of data or the monitoring of the states of complex systems such as computers. I will go over some of these principles, illustrating them with sounds, and will try to show how they can be employed to help the listener make use of auditory displays more effectively.

The SonicFinder - What Was I Thinking? by Bill Gaver

The SonicFinder was the first example of an interface using auditory icons, and arguably still the best. But it was certainly a creature of its time. In this talk, I want to discuss the functional, representational, aesthetic, cultural, and political assumptions that it embodies, contrast these with my current perceptions, and suggest new ways to think about auditory interfaces that are more suitable to the current time.

Bill Gaver is a Senior Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art in London. He started as an experimental psychologist working on "everyday listening," and applied this work in the form of "auditory icons" at Apple and EuroPARC. Now he is working within a conceptual design framework at the RCA, exploring technology for aesthetic and cultural provocations.

bullet Tutorials and Workshops

The 1st November will be a tutorial day. We have four great half-day tutorials lined up. "Sounds of Action and Sounds of Silence" by Mikael Fernstrom, "Sonic Framing: Relating Aural Perception to Visual Experience" by Eric Somers, "User-Centred Design Principles and their Application in the Effective Design of Auditory Displays" by Bruce Walker and "Psychophysics and Technology of Virtual Acoustic Displays" by Elizabeth Wenzel. Tutorials cost 25 each (free to students!). Full details are available online.

bullet Posters and Demonstrations

ICAD'98 will include a session where explorative concepts, new ideas as well as techniques and tools for auditory display may be presented in either a poster or demonstration format. The details of the accepted posters and demos are now available.

bullet Social Programme

We are organising a great social programme for ICAD'98. We will be visiting some of the beautiful Scottish countryside, Stirling Castle and doing a tour of the whisky distillery at Glengoyne. The Social Programme page has more details.


Full registration details are now available. The early registration deadline has now passed but it is not too late to register at the full rate. The costs are now: 130 for students, 250 for academic and 300 for commercial attendees. You must also book your hotel (details on the hotel page).

This is new! How do I get to Glasgow? This is new!

Full details can be found on the Travel page

bullet Further Information

Full details of the programme, tutorials, registration, hotels and travel arrangements can be found on the ICAD websites:

www.santafe.edu/~icad/ or www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/icad98/

For general queries and questions contact: icad98_info@santafe.edu
For registration queries contact: icad98_registration@santafe.edu

The Paper formatting guidelines are available on line.

bullet IMPORTANT DATES bullet

bullet International Community for Auditory Display

ICAD'98 is a program of the International Community for Auditory Display. ICAD is a not-for-profit corporation created to support research, education and community formation in the emerging field of auditory display. The primary projects of ICAD are the conferences, the listserve (icad-request@santafe.edu) and the ICAD Web site (www.santafe.edu/~icad/). Since auditory display researchers come from a wide variety of disciplinary, professional, and geographical backgrounds, ICAD seeks, above all, to facilitate communication across boundaries. A membership organization founded in 1996, ICAD welcomes participation in its programs and governance.

For more information about ICAD please contact Gregory Kramer

bullet University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow Logo The Department of Computing Science is one of the most active in the UK and is top-rated for its research and teaching in all aspects of computer science. The University of Glasgow, founded in 1451, is the largest science based university in the UK, outside London, with one of the largest medical schools in Europe.

bullet Glasgow Interactive Systems Group


GIST is an inter-disciplinary research group based at Glasgow University investigating all aspects of interactive systems - from Graphics to Sounds, from User Interface Software Technology to the Psychology of Interaction and Formal techniques of user interfaces.

For more details see :

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