Call for Papers
ICAD `97 Workshop
"Audio on the WWW"

This is a call for position papers for an Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsored workshop on "Audio on the WWW". This one-day workshop would be held on Sunday, November 2, 1997 in conjunction with the ICAD `97 meeting (International Conference on Auditory Display).

The Workshop

The Office of Naval Research is sponsoring a workshop on "Audio on the WWW" to be held in conjunction with ICAD `97. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss and assess state-of-the-art technologies, applications, and designs embracing audio on the Internet and World Wide Web and produce a research agenda for audio's future on the Internet.

As the emerging medium for communication for the next century, the graphics-dominated WWW has lately been a hotbed of research and industry focus for enabling sound to permeate this new medium. This workshop will bring together many of these researchers and practitioners to discuss the technology, application and design of audio on the WWW.

What are the technical hurdles that need to be overcome? How can other fields of study inform our concerns and interests? How will the Internet change and how can we be an agent of that change? What are the social issues that need to be addressed? How can audio augment certain types of Internet-based interactions? Which of these activities would be best carried out sonically vs. graphically? Does this field need more technology, application, or design?

These and other questions are likely to arise. The workshop will be limited to 15-20 participants. We will work ahead of time via email to determine the issues of greatest interest. On November 2nd, several participants will present their ideas. After these presentations, we will break into working groups to investigate specific areas in depth. Later, the whole group will gather to further share and discuss the results. Initial results will be presented a couple of days later at the ICAD conference. Following the workshop, a report will be compiled, edited, and presented to the Office of Naval Research. This report will also be circulated throughout the relevent research communities as a conference paper and/or journal article.

It is hoped that this effort will stimulate new thought, shed light on the difficulties and possibilities of this research area, and generate new collaborative research efforts and industrial partnerships. It is also our hope that a scientifically rigorous report on the state of our field will serve as a useful reference as researchers approach funding agencies, colleagues, managers and review committees about their work.


Please submit a position paper of 500 words. This paper should present what you consider to be the key issue(s) regarding audio on the Internet/WWW, why these concerns are important, and possibly your current thoughts as to how to approach the issues. Please include within the paper a brief biography and description of current research of relevence to WWW-based audio.

In selecting participants, consideration will be given to experience, disciplinary and institutional diversity, demonstrated consideration of relevent issues, the ability to present quality scientific work, and other criteria. Participation by researchers new to this field is encouraged. A range of participants with varying experience and backgrounds will support informative discussions as well as provide opportunities to influence new researchers in this field. Email your (text-only) submission to Michael C. Albers, Workshop Chair, at no later than September 22, 1997.

Pre-Conference Workshops

The first day of ICAD `97 (Sunday) will be made up of optional workshops hosted by various organizations. The purpose of the workshops is to provide an informal setting where a small number of researchers (no more than 20) can have directed, in-depth discussions on singular topics of interest to the ICAD community. In addition to this workshop, there is an NSF sponsored "Sonification" workshop. Please contact Gregory Kramer ( regarding this workshop.


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Creation Date: August 27, 1997
Last Modified: August 28, 1997
Author: Michael Albers