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The Conference Schedule for
The International Conference on Auditory Display '94

Monday, November 7, 1994

Continental Breakfast (8:00-8:45 am; in/near conference room: Anasazi South)

  • Welcome & Introductory Remarks (8:45-9:00 am)

  • Mike Simmons (Santa Fe Institute)

  • Gregory Kramer (Santa Fe Institute)

  • Session 1:

  • Two Invited (45 min) Papers (9:00-10:30 am)

  • Chris Langton (Santa Fe Institute): Data Presentation Issues in Swarm and Other Large Scale Simulations.

  • Steve Bryson (NASA-Ames): Data Management and Interactive Visualization for Computational Fluid Dynamics.

  • Break (10:30-11:00 am)
    Posters can be set up at this time or during lunch in Anasazi North.

    Session 2:

  • Perceptual Issues I (11:00 am-12:30 pm)

  • Three Long (30 min) Papers

  • Stuart Smith, Ronald Pickett (University of Massachusetts Lowell):
    A System for Psychometric Testing of Auditory Representations of Scientific Data.

  • Stepehn Barrass (CSIRO DIT): A Perceptual Framework for the Auditory Display of Scientific Data.

  • Michael Albers (Georgia Institute of Technology): Hybrid Auditory Interfaces, The Varese System, and Satellite-Ground Control: Using Auditory Icons and Sonification in a Complex, Supervisory Control System.

  • Lunch (12:30-1:30 pm) at the conference; lounge or Old House Restaurant)

    Session 3: Perceptual Issues II (1:30-3:00 pm)

  • Three Long Papers

  • Charles Watson, Gary Kidd (Indiana University): Factors in the Design of Effective Auditory Displays.

  • Paul Lucas (University of Hudderfield): An Evaluation of the Communicative Ability of Auditory Icons and Earcons.

  • James Ballas (Naval Research Laboratory): Effect of Event Variations and Sound Duration on Identification of Everyday Sounds.

  • Break (3:00-3:30 pm)

    Session 4: Applications (3:30-5:00 pm)

  • Three Long Papers:

  • Jonathan Cohen (Interval Research Corportation): Out to Lunch: Adventures Monitoring Background Activity.

  • Robert Stevens (University of York), Steven Brewster (VIT Information Technology): Design and Evaluation of an Auditory Glance at Algebra for Blind Readers.

  • Elizabeth Mynatt (Georgia Institute of Technology): Designing with Auditory Icons.

  • Cash Bar (5:00-6:30 pm; Anasazi North)
    Dinner (free evening; dinner on your own)

    Tuesday, November 8, 1994

    Continental Breakfast (7:30 - 8:45 am; in/near conference room: Anasazi South)

  • Group outing to the Anasazi cliff dwelling with lunch at a local restaurant:

  • Bus Leaves (9:00 am)
    Cliff dwellings (9:45-11:30)
    Bus to Chimayo (11:30)
    Lunch (12:00-1:15)
    Bus to El Dorado Hotel (1:30)

    Session 3: Spatial Sound I (2:30 - 4:00 pm)

  • Three Long Papers

  • Barbara Shinn-Cunningham (MIT): Defining and Redefining the Limits on Human Performance in Auditory Spatial Displays.

  • Ari Hollander (University of Washington): Perception of Virtual Auditory Shapes.

  • Barry Arons (Speech Interaction Research): Efficient Listening with Two Ears.

  • Short Break (4:00 - 4:15 pm)

    Session 4: Spatial Sound II (4:15-5:45 pm)

  • One Long Paper & Three Short Papers
  • Dorte Hammershoi (Aalborg University): Directional Dependence of the Free Field Sound Transmission to the Human External Ear; Verification of a Model.

  • Ewan Macpherson (University of Wisconsin): On the Role of Head-related Transfer Function Spectral Notches in the Judgement of Sound Source Elevation.

  • Pavel Zahorik, Doris Kistler, Frederic Wightman (University of Wisconsin): Sound Localization in Varying Virtual Acoustic Environments.

  • Charles Lueck (Iowa State University): Efficient Modeling of the Head-related Transfer Functions.

  • Dinner at the Conference Rooms Zia A&B (5:45-7:30 pm)
    Cash Bar During Poster Session

    Session 7: Poster / Demonstration Session 7 (7:30-9:00 pm; all posters and demos available for viewing; author participation for posters optional)

    Wednesday, November 9, 1994

    Continental Breakfast (8:00-9:00; in/near conference room: Anasazi South)

    Session 8: Systems Issues (9:00-10:30 am)

  • Three Long Papers

  • David Boardman, Vivek Khandelwal, Aditya Mathur (Purdue University): LSL: A Specification Language for Program Auralization.

  • Summit Das (University of Illinois): An Organization For High-Level Interactive Control of Sound.

  • David Jameson (IBM): The Run-time Components of Sonnet.

  • Short Break (10:30-10:45 am)

    Session 9: Second Poster / Demonstration Session (10:45-12:15 pm; all posters and demos available for viewing; author participation for posters required).
    Lunch (12:15-1:30 pm; "working lunch" at the conference; discuss the future of ICAD)

    Session 10: Sound Generation (1:30-3:00 pm)

  • Three Long (30 min) Papers

  • Albert Papp, Meera Blattner (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory): A Centralized Audio Presentation Manager.

  • Insook Choi (NCSA): Sound Synthesis and Composition Applied to Observing Chaotic systems.

  • Insook Choi, Ulrike Axen (NCSA): Traversing alpha shapes for Processing the Geometrical Data into Sound.

  • Short Break (3:00-3:20 pm)

    Session 11: Sonification & Speech Interfaces (3:20-4:20 pm)

  • Three Short Papers

  • Steve Portigal (University of Guelph): Auralization of Document Structure.

  • Dale Bock (Syracuse University): ADSL: An Auditory Domain Specification Language for Program Auralization.

  • Christine Steeples (Lancaster University): Voice Annotation of Visual Representations in Computer-mediated Collaborative Learning.

  • Closing Remarks (4:20-4:30 pm)