Online Proceedings of the
International Conference on
Auditory Display
April, 2000

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Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
April 2-5, 2000

Conference Committee

Conference Chair James Oliverio
Program Chair Perry Cook
Demos and Posters Contact Russell Storms
Tutorials and Workshops Contact Jarrell Pair
Conference Registration Carol Whitescarver, Romas Mills
Georgia Tech Office of Continuing Education

Final Papers Selection Panel

Perry R. Cook, Chair
James Ballas
Russell Storms
Jarrell Pair
James Oliverio

Reading/Reviewing Panel

Jim Alty
Marybeth Back
James Ballas
Stephen Barrass
Meera Blattner
Stephen Brewster
Dick Duda
Georg Essl
Hesham Fouad
Steven Frysinger
Greg Kramer
Suresh Lodha
Beth Mynatt
Jarrell Pair
Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
Eric Somers
Russell Storms
George Tzanetakis
Paul Vickers
Beth Wenzel
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