Knowledge Base

This section contains a collection of resources for experts and novices to the field:

10 Papers to start
These ten papers give you a good idea of what kind of research is done in ICAD. It is a natural starting point for everyone new to the field.

10 Audio Examples
Here you can hear what auditory displays actually sound like.

Software tools for designing auditory display.

NSF Report
A report prepared For the National Science Foundation providing an overview of the field. It describes the current state of the art, and lays out a research agenda.

An extensive searchable bibliography including all ICAD papers and other related publications (BiBTex too!).

Sound libraries
A list with online resources for sound samples

Who is conducting research in the field?

Related Projects
A list of projects of interest to the ICAD community.

Related Books
Books that introduce to Auditory Display and Sonification or contain a chapter on the topic. 

Related Journals
Scientific journals with audio related articles.

Related Conferences
Other audio & sound related conferences.

A glossary of the most commonly used terms in our field.

Old ICAD pages
The old pages

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