11 June 2010
Main Hall Location
The main hall for the conference is located at the NE corner of 21st and H, in the Media and Public Affairs building.
31 May 2010
A few new pages
A new page has been put up for the sonification workshop, and another new page for the keynote speakers. In addition, the conference program has been updated. These three changes can be found in the top three items of the navigation menu.
13 May 2010
Draft Program Online
Drafts of the conference program and an overview calendar are now available. You can find them via the "Conference Program" link in the navigation menu.
5 May 2010
Important Reminders
7 May 2010 - Revised, camera-ready manuscripts, abstracts for aural submissions, and demonstration proposal write-ups are due. Go to the Submission Page on this website for information and to sign in and upload your manuscript.

9 May 2010 - Last day for early conference registration. Discounted rate for students and regular attendees expires at 12:00 midnight US EST.

1 April 2010
Key Dates Updated
closed - Submission Deadline for Papers, Posters, and non-aural Categories

passed - Acceptance Notification (Papers, etc.)

**5 April 2010** - Think Tank Proposal Submission Deadline

**5 April 2010** - Conference Registration Opens

**9 April 2010** (extended one week) - Sonification / Composition Submission Deadline

7 May 2010 - Camera-Ready Submissions Deadline

7 May 2010 - Demonstration Proposal and Write-up Deadline

7 May 2010 - Sonification / Composition Acceptance Notification

9-15 June 2010 - ICAD 2010
16 March 2010
Think Tank Page Updated
The Think Tank page has been updated to reflect the information sent out in the recent CFP.
5 February 2010
Key Dates Updated
**12** (extended one week) February 2010 - Submission Deadline for Papers, Posters, and non-aural Categories

15 February 2010 - Soft Deadline for Notification of Intent to Make an Aural Submission

19 March 2010 - Acceptance Notification (Papers, etc.)

2 April 2010 - Sonification / Composition Submission Deadline

3 May 2010 - Camera-Ready Submissions Deadline

7 May 2010 - Sonification / Composition Acceptance Notification
12 January 2010
Local Info Section
We are currently working on a section that will cover travel to D.C. as well as provide information on things such as lodging, dining and entertainment.
10 January 2010
2nd CFP released
30 December 2009
The website is online!
The ICAD 2010 website is up. We expect to add new content such as contact information soon.

ICAD 2010
Sonic Discourse—Expression through Sound

The International Community for Auditory Display is pleased to announce that ICAD 2010, the 16th International Conference on Auditory Display, will be held in Washington, DC at the George Washington University, June 9-15, 2010.

June 9 and 10 will be dedicated to pre-conference activities, including workshops, tutorials, and symposia and ICAD's "ThinkTank," the annual doctoral consortium for students doing Honors, Masters, or Doctoral projects in auditory display or related areas.

The main portion of the conference will run from June 11-15. In keeping with its theme Sonic Discourse—Expression through Sound, the conference will feature a relaxed day of demonstrations and poster presentations, and an evening concert of sonifications and a composition commissioned for the conference. In addition to paper sessions, the conference will also include a reception, plenary talks, and a banquet, and will close with ICAD's annual open mic session. Furthermore, there will be several opportunities in the overall schedule for visitors to Washington, DC to enjoy and explore the city.

ICAD 2010 is being organized jointly by the George Washington University, VRSonic, Inc., the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, and the University of Maryland in conjunction with the International Community for Auditory Display.

For students and attendees hoping to economize, the conference is arranging for a block of GWU summer housing to be made available on a first-come-first-served basis at a substantial savings over commercial rates.

We look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC in June!

Derek Brock, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Hesham Fouad, VRSonic
Ramani Duraiswami, University of Maryland
Co-chairs, ICAD 2010

The proceedings will be published by the International Community for Auditory Display (ICAD).
Copyright © 2010 by the ICAD contributors. All rights reserved. Copyright remains with the individual authors.

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