How to host ICAD

The ICAD conference is an annual, single track conference that includes such things as paper talks, poster sessions, workshops and demos. The ICAD board is always interested in hearing from groups of individuals who would like to host the ICAD conference. If you are interested in hosting the conference for a particular year, please contact Bruce Walker, the president of ICAD, by sending a one or two page expression of interest in hosting the conference. A complete expression of interest should include:

  • Proposed date and location of the conference
  • Committee members who would be responsible for organizing the conference
  • Institution(s) who will be helping to sponsor the conference
  • Potential venue for the conference
  • Accomodations for conference attendees with their approximate cost
  • A rough outline of the proposed conference program
  • A rough social program proposal

The ICAD Board looks forward to reading your expressions of interest and is very greatful for your interest in helping create yet another terrific ICAD conference.